Dedicated to healthcare recruitment, our recruiters leverage their network and expertise to efficiently navigate the high-demand job market.

Our Expertise

We specialize in healthcare positions.
Through our +20 years of experience, we became versatile in helping
nursing homes, hospitals with staffing management positions.


Being the most influential position holders in the organization, management recruitment requires a strong insight in what makes these individuals stand out in terms of vision, strategy-building, leadership and foremost their ability to get things done. We can build upon a strong network of top-tier candidates capable of serving your interests and a reliable set of recruitment tools able to detect these key competences.

Nursing management staff

Nursing and nursing management positions are probably the hardest positions to staff. Being the roles with the highest shortages on the job market, recruiting mistakes could end up in costing up to 50% of a year’s salary to make up for yet another replacement.
Let us guide you through the potential pitfalls and help you board strong nursing management talents.

Executive Search

All staffing agencies will put forward excellent executive search strategies, so how do we differentiate ? It’s very simple, key is our personality as recruiters. If we’re not a proper fit to prospective candidates we’re trying to engage, nobody will walk this road with us. We take pride in how our candidates always find a proper rapport in our relationship, being the result of how we talk, engage and give feedback.

Interim management

Do you need an experienced HR Manager in-house, either for a temporary recruitment assignment or a specific project or to run your department, awaiting a fixed hire, then we’d be happy to provide you with our expertise and insights. Please give us a call ! We can share with you some preliminary ideas

About Me

25+ years of HR-experience in healthcare settings

Diane’s career journey has been marked by a profound versatility, with a notable emphasis on healthcare and life sciences. Her first decade in the professional world was dedicated to the healthcare sector, where she undertook a variety of roles, showcasing her adaptability and expertise.

In the realm of healthcare, Diane demonstrated her skills in human resources management, taking on responsibilities that ranged from overseeing HR operations to stepping into roles as an interim crisis manager. Her multifaceted experience within healthcare institutions equipped her with a comprehensive understanding of the sector’s challenges and dynamics.

As her career progressed, Diane honed in on her strengths as a staffing expert, specializing in leadership roles within the healthcare setting. Her keen insights into the specific demands of healthcare and life sciences allowed her to identify and recruit top talent for crucial positions. This shift not only showcased her ability to navigate the intricacies of executive recruitment but also highlighted her commitment to contributing to the advancement of healthcare organizations.

Diane’s journey reflects a deep commitment to making a positive impact in the healthcare and life sciences domains. Her unique blend of experience in HR positions her as a valuable asset, capable of addressing the nuanced challenges within this critical sector.

Diane De Schutter

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