What are the most common international recruiting assumptions we frequently hear and how these may become an obstacle to your international expansion puzzle.

We serve our business best by sending our own employees across.  They’re familiar with our organization and people, they know our products and services and are best equipped to develop our markets abroad…

Although the former is true and is certainly considered an asset, sending your employee abroad, having him/her integrate into a new culture with the isolation this might entail, the stress of leaving the social and support networks behind, learning how to navigate a new market’s dynamics, the stress of failure, the lack of support,… can be challenging.

It takes time and a lot of investment to rebuild a strong personal and professional network abroad and needs to come with a strong motivation and resilience.

According to the Expat Insider 2019 Business Edition, 25% of expats are considering an early return, with loneliness being the top reason. 

On top of that, the visa process is not only lengthy and costly and it may not result in the desired outcome, losing both valuable time and money as well as bringing turmoil and distress to your applicant.

Our HR-department knows our strategy and expansion model and is best equipped to look for suitable candidates for our overseas branches…

Obviously, your HR-department is a vital key player in the staffing process.  

However, dealing with overseas regulations and navigating additional legal intricacies of hiring globally can become a burden.

Being knowledgeable about the European and American job market and understanding the industry dynamics abroad and how they differ to your local market is key to an efficient hiring process.  These insights are vital in the way these elements are translated into a suitable candidate profile for screening purposes.

Having an elaborate database to build upon and being an expert in how to navigate the job markets is an essential ingredient to this process.

Partnering with an experienced recruiter who perfectly understands your business, your culture, your market and with a strong international expertise in multiple industries may save you time and money.

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